Sponsorship Tiers

Gold Sponsorship – $10,000

Gold Sponsorship includes all recognition from the Silver level and also includes:

  • Thank-you banner placed on all recorded classes
  • Sponsorship noted in all public speaking engagements for Macbeth Academy and the Executive Director
  • Sponsorship noted in weekly Macbeth Academy podcast and webinars
  • Sponsorship recognized on LinkedIn four times per year

Silver Sponsorship – $5,000

Silver Sponsorship includes all recognition from the Bronze level and also includes:

  • Logo printed on all signage and invitations for local and digital events
  • Sponsorship recognized on LinkedIn at time of gift
  • Logo included on thank-you slide at the end of all Macbeth Academy classes and presentations

Bronze Sponsorship – $2,500

Bronze sponsorship includes the following recognition opportunities:

  • Corporate logo included in sponsorships section of weekly newsletter
  • Corporate logo included as a sponsor on donation webpage

Partnership Categories

Macbeth School Library

In 2020-2021, Macbeth Academy would like to provide students with a free, e-library to have immediate, 24/7 access to school textbooks, novels, and articles for free. We are looking for a partner to sponsor this library to provide to our students.

Macbeth Scholars

Your donations go directly to the students and our school. Our students are all remarkable people with boundless potential. In the 2020-2021 school year, our organizational goal is to provide full tuition assistance to at least 2 students and to establish a free library for Macbeth Academy students and faculty.

Macbeth Academy is an amazing organization that engages students and challenges students to become their best selves.

Community Outreach Programs

Macbeth Academy has created 9 community outreach programs for students in need within the school. Check out our programs below. These programs are supported by public funds and sponsorships.

Weird Words of the Week (W3)

Words can be fun! This club is for students that would like to improve vocabulary and spelling skills. Participants study linguistics, word patterns, and everything that makes words wonderful. Grades 3-6.

It’s Greek to Me

Each week is a new adventure when you read Greek mythology. Let’s make Greek myths come to life through live readings, student performances, and understanding the that the Greeks were just like you and me! Grades 4-8.

Earth Ambassadors Club

Students in the Earth Ambassadors club are excited to spread awareness of pressing environmental issues in their community and across the globe. The Earth Ambassadors Club increases education and awareness of environmental issues, strives to improve environmental practices in the community, and is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the local and global environment.


Students in this club will learn skills needed to be successful in science competitions. Participants study science, technology, engineering, and math concepts with hands-on experiments and creations. Grades 4-8.

Photography Club

In this course taught by a National Geographic editor, students learn photography skills and how to tell a story with photographs. Photography Club students work with Journalism Club to create our school newspaper. Grades 6-12.

Journalism Club

In this course taught by a National Geographic editor, students investigate, interview, research, and write articles for our school newspaper and digital yearbook. Grades 6-12.

Math is Fun!

This weekly math game club helps students learn through interactive games. Grades 1-5.

Math Club

This weekly math game club helps students learn through interactive games. Grades 6-8.

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