Lower School
In the Lower School, Macbeth Academy’s certified teachers lay the foundation for higher level learning with engaging curriculum that promotes critical thinking skills.


Our courses challenge advanced students with innovative education technology that inspires thinking outside the four walls of the classroom. In grades 1-5, students enroll in online courses with supplemental texts and online exercises. The Lower School curriculum provides students with a challenging online education to prepare them for the middle school program.

Lower School Curriculum

Our Lower School curriculum provides a challenging yet engaging subject and project based learning environment for elementary-aged students. Students learn and retain knowledge with an expertly designed mixture of learning activities, weekly projects, and student-teacher collaboration.

Students in grades 1-5 enroll in the Lower School with the expectation that each grade level will provide a broad and foundational preparation for the core subjects including English/ Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. Each of our courses include an online workbook and online projects as well as supplemental exercises based on individual student need. Our teachers are dedicated to providing the highest levels of student-content retention via our innovative online program.

Students are encouraged to develop knowledge and skills in  core courses & electives, including but not limited to:


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Arts, Multimedia & Photography

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World Language

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Acting & Performing

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How does online elementary school work?

Macbeth Academy teachers have years of experience supporting, inspiring, and challenging students in both an online and brick-and-mortar classroom setting. This means that our courses are engaging and encourage students to have a continued eagerness to learn week after week.

Our teachers provide weekly academic support in the form of formal lessons, parent/ teacher conferences, and suggestions for student success. Each teacher is dedicated to ensuring student success and keeping parents up to date on progress and potential avenues of improvement.

At the elementary level, parents are encouraged to take on the role of Academic Guide. Parents are provided with a 10-week quarter outline which explains the central lessons, instruction, supplemental activities, and online extracurricular activities for each course including core courses and electives.

Lower School Self-Paced Courses

Macbeth Academy partners with Edgenuity to provide a secular, fully online curriculum for students in grades 1-5. This online course offering is secular which is the best fit for families who prefer lessons without religious presentation. Once enrolled in Edgenuity courses our certified teacher will provide an academic coaching session which includes a pacing suggestions and pacing guide. With this option certified teachers offer grading and academic support as needed. This Lower School self-paced program is also customized to meet each student’s needs with a personalized plan of study. Click here to request a list of self-paced courses offered.

Lower School Academic Plan Structure

Macbeth Academy provides students with a complete and personalized guide to elementary level learning. Our Lower School Academic Plan (LSAP) guides students and parents through each 10-week quarter:

Academic Plan

Our Academic Counselors help parents create a grade specific course selection plan for each year. The goal is for students to have a well rounded online education while inspiring a continuous passion for learning.

Progress Tracking

Each course has regular subject specific assessments built into the program. Progress Tracking allows parents, students, and teachers to properly understand if students are grasping knowledge and assigns appropriate next steps for the continued knowledge acquisition process.

Flexible Schedule

Our flexible schedules are designed with the active student in mind. Students are given the flexibility to enroll in courses designed around their existing schedules.


Macbeth Academy students are high achievers and need constant academic challenges. With this in mind, students are supplied with a weekly homework guide that supports associated coursework for the week. During private, one-to-one sessions homework is assessed for accuracy and skill mastery. Homework is scheduled enough for content revision and mastery outside of the classroom. Students are also encouraged to expand their knowledge using the Flipped Classroom model.

World Language Courses

 Our elementary-grade students also have the opportunity to learn Spanish, Mandarin, and Brazilian Portuguese. These courses focus on pronunciation, grammar, and conversations taught in a series of games, listening comprehension videos, within peer-led clubs, and practice activities.

Why Choose an Online Elementary Program?

By taking courses in our virtual classrooms, students have the opportunity to engage with material and learn at their own pace. Students can take their schoolwork anywhere across the globe. Students also have the opportunity to advance beyond the confines of rigid academic scheduling found within a traditional brick-and-mortar school. Our teachers are certified and have years of experience teaching elementary-aged students. Our teachers are particularly skilled at working with and encouraging student success at the elementary age. We have many academies, learn more from the Maryland High School.

Why Choose Macbeth Academy’s Online Lower School Program?

Macbeth Academy’s faculty, certified teachers, and educational support staff are all uniquely equipped to provide the best and most innovative academic counseling for grades 1-5. Our online lower school’s flexible learning model empowers parents to create an academic plan that is specific to and appropriate for the rigors of their child’s schedule. Our certified teachers then provide students with engaging and challenging lessons that will lay the foundation for our college-bound, high achieving students.

Virtual Open House

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To learn more about our online school program for 1-12 students and how it will benefit your family’s needs, please send us an email at admissions@macbethacademy.org or call (949) 864-2330 to speak with an Admissions Coordinator.

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