Faculty and Staff


Macbeth Academy

Kayla Solinsky Macbeth Academy

 Kayla Solinsky, M.A.

Head of School


Mrs. Gertzen, Lower School Reading

Mrs. Gertzen, M. Ed.

Assistant Head of School

Our certified teachers

Experience and a dedication to professional and educational development

Ms. Stearns

Mrs. Stearns, MAT

Lower School STEM

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith, M. Ed.

Upper School General

Mrs. Saenz

Mrs. Saenz, M. Ed. 

Middle School STEM

Ms. Brown

Dr. Brown, PhD  

Latin (All Levels)

Mr. Woodson

Mr. Woodson

Middle School STEM 

Ms. Buntrock

Ms. Buntrock, MAT  

Middle School General/ Journalism (All Levels)


Mrs. Brown, M. Ed.

Mrs. Brown is a K-5 tutor with over 20 years of experience as an educator.

Ms. Ridenour, M. Ed.

Mrs. Ridenour is a K-5 tutor. She is a seasoned teacher with a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with specialization in Bilingual Education.

Ms. Olga Priyutova, MBA

Ms. Olga Priyutova, MBA 

Ms. Priiutova is a K-8 tutor. She holds an MBA and a Master of Science in Physics, 9-years of teaching and tutoring experience

Ms. Hormuth, MA

Ms. Hormuth is a K-8 tutor. She holds a Master’s in Education. Her love of learning is one of her greatest strengths

Ms. Bryant, MA

Ms. Bryant is a K-8 tutor. She holds a Masters degree in applied behavior analysis. She has been working with children for over 7 years ranging from ages 0-15. She loves what she does and is passionate about making sure children get the support they need to succeed.

Mrs. Rene deBaradinis, M.Ed.Rene deBerardinis, teacher librarian with 15 years experience helping kids build their reading and writing skills. Rene loves to guide students to their just-right books – to expand their world and encourage lifelong learning.  She loves learning from her students, and finding ways to empower them to make a difference!

Mrs. Paizante-Martins

Ms. Paizante-Martins is a K-5 tutor with over 10 years of teaching experience. She enjoys all grade levels and teaching students new strategies to be successful

Mr. Stevenson

Mr. Stevenson is a K-8 tutor. He has a passion for math. He is dedicated to pushing students in the right direction, both morally and mathematically.

Ms. Stock

Ms. Stock is a K-8 tutor. She is a graduate from UC- Davis and has been tutoring children for over ten years.

Mr. Gorman

Mr. Gorman is a K-8 tutor and ESL teacher. He hopes to travel to China as an ESL teacher in the future.

Ms. Crawford

Ms. Crawford is a K-8 tutor. She loves being able to help students with education and learning

Ms. Shirinian

Ms. Shirinian is a K-8 tutor. She is a graduate of UCLA. She is excited to continue helping students master class material, improve knowledge of the subject matter and make progress.

Ms. Felipe

Ms. Felipe is a K-8 tutor. Her ultimate goal is to help students at Macbeth and receive her special education credentials.

Mrs. Seetha Krishnan

Seetha Krishnan, I love teaching math , English and science to kids.  I love hiking in SoCal trails and going to beaches.

Ms. Elie

Ms. Elie is a K-5 tutor with over 23 years of classroom teaching experience and Reading/ELA specialist.