Macbeth Academy offers three enrollment options which differ based on the individual education goals of each student: full time, part-time, a single course

Full Time

Full-Time Enrollment includes five courses and an Academic Counselor who will help you reach your academic goals by providing individualized advisement and guidance through graduation. Students can join clubs like Our Story Coding Summer Camp or Baltimore Journalism Fellowship Camp for a more in depth understanding of their interests. All full-time students are eligable receive a diploma upon completion!

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Part Time

Some students at Macbeth Academy are looking to get a diploma and not attend full-time. This can be achieved through the part-time schedule, which offers 2 or 4 courses per semester with an Academic Counselor guiding you every step of the way! You’ll be able to join clubs that will help make your time in school more enjoyable too. All part-time students are eligable receive a diploma upon completion!

Single Course

A la carte courses are available if you’re only looking for one or two classes at Macbeth Academy. Academic Counselors will be able to advise on which class would best fit your needs by discussing what interests them the most! Additionally, You’ll be able to join clubs outside of school hours where members can get involved

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Academic Scheduling

Macbeth Academy follows an August to June academic calendar. Macbeth Academy’s academic year is separated into 4 ten-week quarters. Students receive report cards at the end of each term.

Macbeth Academy’s academic year is separated into four quarters (first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and fourth quarter). Most of our courses meet once a week for one hour. Language courses meet 2-4 times a week depending on proficiency and skill.

Macbeth Academy courses meet every day except Sunday. Our offices and courses are closed on Sundays. Virtual webinars and club events are recorded and archived for students that are unable to attend.

Sample Schedule

Macbeth Academy students are all extraordinary and participate in extracurricular activities that require a flexible course schedule. Aside from academics our students are acting on Broadway, writing a novel, and participating in international competitions among other things. 

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Here is a sample schedule for Grade 4 student, Victoria, from Newark, New Jersey. She is currently incorporating Macbeth Academy courses into her schedule which also includes Broadway performance/ rehearsal and acting classes.

Fee Waiver

If the $50 application fee for Macbeth Academy causes undue financial hardship, please contact our admissions office  to request a fee waiver. Fee waivers are only accepted with a formal letter from a parent or legal guardian of the applicant as well as a completed application.

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