Macbeth Academy offers virtual college-preparatory K12, highly engaging educational experience for all students. We want to share our wonderful tradition of inspiring bright, curious students with strong character to discover their gifts and prepare them for a future of unparalleled success. You should not have to settle when it comes to your child's education.

Indexed Tuition Approach

Macbeth Academy’s Indexed Tuition approach makes it easier for a diversity of families to afford a high-quality, independent education for their child(ren). We know each family’s situation is unique. We aim to be responsive to your needs through a menu of options that addresses a variety of situation

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Customized Payment Plans

In addition to our traditional 1, 3, and 9 payment options, we are now offering customized plans to allow families to spread payments over 12 months.

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Indexed Tuition

Indexed Tuition is a flexible tuition pricing plan based on each family’s specific financial situation. Macbeth Academy partners with Financial Aid for School Tuition, a division of Independent School Management (ISM), in a confidential process to determine each family’s customized tuition rate through submission of the Parent Financial Statement (PFS).

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Financial Aid

 Your family may qualify for additional funding. Please review the responsive tuition application process below.

Key Factors Determining Your Indexed Tuition Level

  • Total Family Income as verified with IRS forms and schedules
  • Net worth, including real estate, bank accounts, non-retirement investments
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
    Number of children in the family and in tuition-charging schools
  • Discretionary or luxury expenditures
    Extenuating circumstances (health, change in employment, other)

Monthly Indexed Tuition ranges

Kindergarten $0-$1408

Lower School  $0-$1492

Middle School $0-$1625

High School  $0-$2000

Who Should Apply?

Macbeth Academy is a diverse school community that values the inclusion of a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. All families can apply for Indexed Tuition including middle-income families and families with multiple children in tuition-charging schools.

How Does Indexed Tuition Work?

A family’s Indexed Tuition level is determined annually by a careful evaluation of the completed Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and related financial documentation submitted each year. Financial Aid for School Tuition by ISM allows independent (private) schools to use a standardized methodology to objectively assess what a family can afford to pay for tuition.

Macbeth Academy strives to meet the demonstrated financial needs of current and prospective families. In addition to the FAST application and tax returns for the previous two years, Macbeth also considers lifestyle choices and spending patterns as part of the award process.

In fairness to all applicants, education must be a top priority over luxury cars, vacations, and club memberships.

All Indexed tuition inquiries are kept in the strictest of confidence. This information is not shared with faculty or students. We request that families paying an Indexed Tuition maintain the same discretion.
Macbeth Academy does not discriminate on the basis of color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

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