Dual Enrollment
Our College Preparatory Program (CPP) provides a continuously challenging and academically rigorous self-paced course load for students in Grades 7-12.

 Students selected for this program will have an academic edge by participating in postsecondary, college level courses while in Middle School and Upper School. This program includes Test Preparation, Honors, Dual Enrollment/Advanced Placement courses, and Career Exploration Courses. In addition, students will be provided live support and academic coaching by state certified teachers to ensure academic success at all levels.

What Honors courses are available?

We offer honors math, language arts, science, and history.

What Test Preparation courses are available?

We offer PSAT, SAT, ACT courses for all full time students.

Why AP?

Advanced Placement courses are nationally recognized and standardized to provide both an academically rigorous course-load and prove to future colleges that applicants are ready for postsecondary courses. Our AP courses adequately prepare students to excel in during the AP exam and beyond.

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Why Dual Enrollment?

Our Dual Enrollment program allows students take rigorous, college-level courses that may be accepted for college credit. Our Dual Enrollment program offers a flexible virtual classroom environment for students to complete assignments on their own schedules or on a unique timeline. Students will receive academic coaching and a pacing guide to help plan for and accomplish annual academic goals. Students will also have the opportunity to take courses 100 percent online during our academic calendar.

Why Career Exploration?

Macbeth Academy students are highly successful and highly curious. We believe that providing Maryland Middle School and Maryland Upper School students with the unique opportunity to find their professional passion at a young age will pave the way for future success. Our Career Exploration (CE) students meet with academic coaches to assess academic goals. Then, students take individually designed professional including, but not limited to, computer programming, coding, game design, pharmacy, information technology, health science, finance, business, and digital arts. These CE courses count toward the elective graduation requirement.

Virtual Open House

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To learn more about our online school program for 1-12 students and how it will benefit your family’s needs, please send us an email at admissions@macbethacademy.org or call (949) 864-2330 to speak with an Admissions Coordinator.

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