How to Teach Literacy Creatively

By Stacey Roberts

How to Teach Literacy Creatively

Imagine your commitment, your desire to help students succeed,our young readersneed your creativity.

Now more than ever before, a reality shift has taken place for us all. How do we move forward and bridge the gap in our lives and our schools?

Creativity will help you connect in ways that mends hearts, changes minds, and provides compassionate learning opportunities. The student benefits greatly.

“Creativity allows you to express yourself. An integral part of the human condition involves learning who we are and recognizing how that fits into the rest of the world. Creativity allows self-discovery’s well as the opportunity to share a hidden side of ourselves” (www.teachthought.com)

Imagination is what we all have in common. You are a beacon of hope. Your time is now, shine brightly.

Everything you need is in you.

Let it soar!

Perhaps you have studied a special skill Music, Art, Singing, Performing.

These are the building blocks for success. You can start right there.

United we read, together we grow
United we read, together we grow


  • Create a group
  • Agree to meet once a month to brainstorm and build ideas and effective plans
  • Small successes are monumental
  • No goal or achievement is small. Every step takes you closer to your goal
  • You’ve got this, share the gift one student at a


  • Use your creativity to engage and empower students; you’re building confidence, gently encouraging reluctant readers, to think on their feet. Their world opens up for them.
  • An engaged student becomes part of the magic and that is where the power begins
  • Fun simple presentations work: there is power in simplicity
  • Repeat, Repeat, Acknowledge.Enthusiasm is a key; it’s contagious and

   Creates Enthusiastic learners

  • Acknowledgement encourages students, it helps them feel successful

Music is an effective tool; the sounds and the rhythms support phonological awareness necessary for reading. Music stimulates all the senses and helps students recognize patterns and sequence. It promotes language, self esteem and memory. Music awakens the senses and allows the student to have fun

My journey so far has been a great adventure.

Students love Word Play. Call and Response also helps with grasping an idea.

Developmentally appropriate materials are vital when presenting. Each song, and story should be not only developmentally age appropriate but also inclusive. Meeting students where they are will sparks curiosity and wonder for the student.

Blend your idea with your Literacy Partner. This is where the magic happens. This is where you really shine. You arecollaborating in a new way.

You are also breaking new ground for the client and the students. Discovery highlights there is learning in progress.

Sharing literacy through creative modalities will give students wings to fly! The songs, music dancing, and stories will be in their hearts and minds. They will be lovers of books.

Stacey Roberts
Stacey Roberts
“United We Read, Together We Grow”

Website: staceyrobertsentertainskids.com
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